Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to Bay Area Writers

Authors Without Bordom is intended to be the writer's equivalent of an art gallery, although it will not be selling anything. It is an opportunity for writers to showcase a bit of their work in a location with other writers so that members of the Bay Area literary community can find examples of the works of many writers all in one place. If you are a writer and live in the Bay Area, you are welcome to submit a work of around 2500 words, or fewer. The number of words is not rigid. No bean counting here. No cops. And unlike magazines, the choice of subject is all yours. You retain the copyrights but the submission implies a license to post it on this site only. If you have something you want posted, send the document in .doc plus a jpg. photo and bio for a page to me at If you want to link to your sites, that can go in the bio.

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